Can you get a second opinion on an autopsy?

Can you get a second opinion on an autopsy?

When families have questions about the original cause of death determination made by the state/local medical examiner or coroner, they may request a private second autopsy to be completed by Dr. Having a second opinion can help families with insurance issues and lawsuits.

Are autopsies always accurate?

In the majority of cases, they’re right, since about 80 percent of autopsies confirm the accuracy of doctors’ premortem diagnoses.

Can an autopsy be wrong?

Are autopsies ever wrong? Although performed by trained medical examiners, autopsies do occasionally give incorrect or incomplete results.

How long does the body stay alive after death?

Blood circulation can be stopped in the entire body below the heart for at least 30 minutes, with injury to the spinal cord being a limiting factor. Detached limbs may be successfully reattached after 6 hours of no blood circulation at warm temperatures. Bone, tendon, and skin can survive as long as 8 to 12 hours.

Are autopsies performed on everyone?

Autopsies are not performed on everyone. For people who pass away in the hospital, the family (or next of kin) is asked if they would like an autopsy. Autopsies are a medical procedure in order to determine the cause of death.