Can you quit claim a house in foreclosure?

Can you quit claim a house in foreclosure?

So, a quitclaim deed is used in some situations where a homeowner is in or at risk of foreclosure, but it can’t stop foreclosure on its own. You need a real strategy to do that. If your goal is to keep your home following a default, a loan modification is your best bet.

Can a quitclaim deed be revoked?

The deed, once recorded, can not be rescinded or revoked by the grantor (person who gives/donates the property). If yopu are the sole grantee of the property, it is yours to do witjh as you wish, unless your father retained some form of interest such as a life estate in the property.

How do I reverse a quit claim?

Generally speaking, no. Once a quit claim deed has been completed and filed with the County Clerk’s Office, the title will officially pass from the grantor to the grantee. The only way to reverse a quit claim deed is to go to court and prove that the grantor was forced to sign the document under duress.