Do cops have a high divorce rate?

Do cops have a high divorce rate?

However, divorcing a police officer (and other emergency responders, male or female) may have unique issues and concerns. There are no accurate statistics on divorce among law enforcement professionals. The statistics range from 14 percent to 80 percent, and the reality is probably in between (see note #1 below).

Why do police marriages fail?

One reason that LEO marriages fail is that we tend to start to only relate to other cops or members related to our profession. Another reason may be the added stress and demands placed on law enforcement today. No matter the root causes, many once healthy marriages end in divorce for cops.

What percentage of firefighters get divorced?

More than One Marriage Looking at the men in the fire department, about 19.6% of them have been divorced once. Among the married male firefighters, 24.4% have undergone divorce at least once. On the other hand, females in the fire service have a 40% chance of having had a divorce in their life.