How can I remove an eviction from my record?

How can I remove an eviction from my record?

How Can I Remove an Eviction from My Public Record?Petition the court: In the county where the case was filed, you can petition the court to have the eviction expunged from your record.Win your case: If the landlord served you an eviction notice without a legal or valid basis, prove that.

How do I rent again after an eviction?

How to Rent an Apartment with a Past EvictionTry to Get Your Record Expunged. Pay any outstanding debt to your previous landlord and ask them if they would be willing to help you clear your record. Try Looking at Privately Owned Properties. Offer a Large Deposit. Have Your Financial Documents Ready to Go.

Can you rent an apartment with an eviction on your record?

When you apply for an apartment, most landlords will conduct a credit inquiry. This means that an eviction judgment will show up on your credit file, but not every “eviction” is a matter of public record.

How do I get an old apartment off my credit?

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How many points will my credit score increase if a collection is deleted?

100 points