How long does it take to get a divorce Judgement in California?

How long does it take to get a divorce Judgement in California?

four to six weeks

Can a husband refuse to pay alimony?

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Contempt: If your spouse has refused or failed to pay your alimony, a judge may find your spouse in contempt of the court. If your spouse continues to refuse to pay, the court can take additional actions, such as charging more fines or even jail time.

What entitles a woman to alimony?

They are: To compensate a spouse who sacrifices his or her ability to earn income during the marriage; To compensate a spouse for the ongoing care of children, over and above any child support obligation; or, To help a spouse in financial need arising from the breakdown of the marriage.

Can I file for divorce without a lawyer in California?

If you want to file a divorce in California, you are not required to hire a lawyer. In fact, most divorce proceedings can be easily handled without lawyers and the high expense that comes with their services.

What is the divorce process in California?

While your situation is unique, there are certain steps everyone must take in order to move through the divorce process successfully. Step 1: Preparing to File for Divorce. Step 2: Filing for Divorce. Step 3: Serving the Divorce Papers. Step 4: Responding to the Divorce.