Is a temporary restraining order public record?

Is a temporary restraining order public record?

Usually yes, but sometimes no. Temporary restraining orders will appear so law enforcement officers can see it. But if the hearing results in a permanent restraining order, it goes on your record. But even restraining orders that should be expunged sometimes stay in the system longer.

Will a temporary restraining order show up on a background check?

The temporary restraining order in California does not go into the CLETS database and will not come up on a background check. It will also generally not impact the restrained parties’ ability to possess a firearm.

What happens at a temporary restraining order hearing in California?

If the party who filed for the restraining order does not attend the hearing, the temporary restraining order will be terminated that day. At the hearing, the judge will hear testimony from both parties and possibly any witnesses. The judge requests more information. Your hearing is has continued longer than planned.

Does an injunction show up on a background check?

Despite the fact that an injunction is a civil proceeding, it will be on your background check and can be seen by potential employers, landlords, scholarships, schools or an organization, including youth sports leagues and volunteer groups that run you for a criminal record.

Will my felony show up on a background check?

Yes, a felony will always come up, there is no way to hide it, unless you have your records expunged. If an employer is running specifically a criminal record background check, it usually reports misdemeanors, felony level crimes, sex crimes, as well as legally reportable none-convictions.