What does it mean to impute income?

What does it mean to impute income?

When determined that they are either underemployed or unemployed, the next step is to impute an income to that party. Imputation of income means that a rate of income is fixed for a party regardless of his or her current circumstance.

What happens when non custodial parent loses job?

Noncustodial parents who lose their job \u2014 or see an income decrease \u2014 can request a review of their child support order from the Office of the Attorney General. Learn more about the Payment Modification Process.

Can my ex quit his job to avoid child support?

A parent who voluntarily works fewer hours, is fired for cause, or switches to a lower-paying job, absent a valid reason, will be assessed child support based on his previous full-time income. Thus, a parent who quits his job to avoid paying child support will not be able to lawfully do so.

What are the disadvantages of joint custody?

Cons of Joint Child Custody The child might have a hard time adjusting from one home to another, back and forth. It can be especially hard on small children who prefer stability. Joint child custody does not work for every divorced couple. Some are able to make the best out of it, while others make the worst out of it.