What does it mean to lodge something with the court?

What does it mean to lodge something with the court?

“Lodge” means to deliver to the Clerk a document which is tendered to the Court but is not approved for filing, such as depositions, exhibits, or a proposed form of order.

What does Lodging mean in legal terms?

A temporary dwelling place such as a hotel or motel. Also may be used as a verb to mean to file or to make a formal complaint. Related Legal Terms & Definitions. LODGING A COMPLAINT To formally file a complaint. HOTEL An inn; a public house or tavern; a house for entertaining strangers or travelers.

What is the difference between lodging and filing with the court?

2 attorney answers Pleadings and Motions are filed. Proposed items, such as proposed Orders and proposed amended pleadings, are lodged. They are attached to motions, for the court’s review and consideration, but do not show up on the docket, or in the case…

What does Date lodged mean?

Date of Lodging means the date that this Consent Decree is lodged with the Court for public comment. Date of Lodging means the date this Consent Decree is lodged with the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas.

What’s another word for lodged?

Similar words for Lodged: inserted (adjective) jammed (adjective) placed (adjective) inhabited (verb)

What does lodged mean?

1a : to occupy a place temporarily : sleep lodged on a cot overnight. b(1) : to have a residence : dwell lodged over a bookshop. (2) : to be a lodger lodged with them for a year. 2 : to come to a rest the bullet lodged in the wall.

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