What is a stipulated settlement agreement?

What is a stipulated settlement agreement?

In response to a contested enforcement action, and with the consent of the licensing chief/licensing supervisor, OLC may negotiate a settlement agreement with the licensee to modify all or a portion of the contents of the enforcement action. This type of stipulation is referred to as a stipulated settlement agreement.

Is a settlement the same as a Judgement?

A judgment is an official designation entered on a court’s docket that signifies that a plaintiff has prevailed in his court case against the named defendant. A settlement is an agreement by both parties to the lawsuit that resolves their dispute prior to trial.

What does settling a lawsuit mean?

“Settling a case” means ending a dispute before the end of a trial. Although popular media often makes it seem like major cases are resolved in relatively short order, in reality, a case can potentially meander through the court system for years. Initial papers are filed with the court months before trial can begin.