What is the highest child support payment?

What is the highest child support payment?

Brad Pitt Pays Angelina Jolie $8 Million + Six Other Celebrity Parents With Most Expensive Child Support PaymentsBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie scandal. Charlie Sheen – $110,000/month. Eddie Murphy – $50,000/month. Tom Cruise – $33,000/month. 50 Cent – $25,000/month. Donald Trump – $25,000/month. Britney Spears – $20,000/month.

What state does not have child support?

Only two states — Colorado and Minnesota — pass the full amount of the support through to the custodial parent and child.

Can 2 states charge child support?

As described above, under UIFSA, only one state at a time is allowed to enter or modify the amount of a child support order. However, enforcement is a different matter. The custodial parent can bring an application to enforce child support in either of two places: The state where the non-custodial parent lives.

What happens with child support when non custodial parent moves out of state?

If a parent who is obligated to pay child support moves out of state and the parent entitled to the support does not know where the obligated parent lives, a child support enforcement agency can ask a similar agency in the state where the parent is believed to live to take action to locate the parent.