What is the meaning of interlocutory?

What is the meaning of interlocutory?

adjective. 1Law. (of a decree or judgement) given provisionally during the course of a legal action.

What is interlocutory stage?

“Interlocutory application” means an application to the Court in any suit, appeal or proceeding already instituted in such Court, other than a proceeding for execution of a decree or order.

What does provisionally mean?

providing or serving for the time being only; existing only until permanently or properly replaced; temporary: a provisional government. accepted or adopted tentatively; conditional; probationary. (usually initial capital letter) of or being the wing of the Irish Republican Army that follows a policy of violence.

What are interlocutory applications?

An interlocutory application is used to apply for court orders which are subsidiary to the main proceeding. Most interlocutory applications will have to be on notice (which means the other party/parties are given the opportunity to oppose the application).