Why does it matter who files for divorce?

Why does it matter who files for divorce?

The spouse that files for divorce often controls how fast the proceedings move. The initial divorce paperwork contains the moving spouse’s allegations as to the factual grounds (reasons) for the divorce. This may not be a fair representation of the situation, but it may influence your judge’s views about the case.

How can I get out of a joint loan?

You can ask the person using the money to make extra payments to pay off the loan faster. If you are a joint account holder on a credit card or line of credit, the best way to get out is to pay off the debt or transfer the balance and then close the account.

Can having a joint account affect your credit rating?

If one of you has a poor credit history, it’s not normally a good idea to open a joint account. As soon as you open an account together, you’ll be ‘co-scored’ and your credit ratings will become linked. This doesn’t happen by just living with someone – even if you’re married. You’ll lose some privacy.