Are there more male lawyers than female?

Are there more male lawyers than female?

United States. The American Bar Association reported that in 2014, women made up 34% of the legal profession and men made up 66%. In private practice law firms, women make up 20.2% of partners, 17% of equity partners and 4% of managing partners in the 200 biggest law firms.

What percent of lawyers are white?

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Is medicine a male dominated field?

Although women have fought for their right to practice in the medical field, it is still inherently male dominant, even today. White, middle-class men have become prevalent medical professionals, casting women as nurses or into other health-related professions by default.

What is the ratio of male to female doctors?


Which country has the most female doctors?

Labor > Female doctors: Countries Compared

1 Finland 50.7%
2 Sweden 39.2%
3 Norway 37.2%
4 Germany 37.1%

Who is the first female surgeon in the world?

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For decades, an ancient Egyptian known as Merit Ptah has been celebrated as the first woman doctor.

Who is the first female doctor?

Elizabeth Blackwell

Who was the first girl doctor?

Who are the best doctors in the world?

10 doctors who changed the world

  • Helen Brooke Taussig, MD: A pioneer in pediatric cardiology.
  • Charles Richard Drew, MD: Father of the blood bank.
  • Michael Ellis DeBakey, MD: Pioneer of cardiovascular surgery.
  • Virginia Apgar, MD: Inventor of the Apgar Score.
  • Georges Mathé, MD: Discovered treatment for leukemia.
  • Helene D.

Who is the most famous pediatrician?

Dr. Benjamin Spock

Who is the richest pediatrician in the world?

Sulaiman Abdulaziz Al-Habib