Should I tell my boyfriend about my debt?

Should I tell my boyfriend about my debt?

Telling your partner about your debt. If you’re in a serious relationship – especially if you’re married, living together or considering it – then you should let your partner know about your debt as soon as possible. Talking about debt can stir up a whole mixture of negative feelings.

Can I take over my wife’s student loans?

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“Student loans cannot be put in someone else’s name other than by refinancing them into a new loan,” student loan expert Mark Kantrowitz explained over email. Previously, married borrowers could consolidate federal loans, but Congress repealed this ability in 2006 due to issues that arose when couples divorced.

Can I add my husband to my student loans?

No. Federal student loans don’t require cosigners. (A spouse can cosign on a partner’s income-driven repayment application, but you’re not obligated to repay the loan.)

How can I combine my student loans?

You can consolidate federal student loans for free with the Department of Education at If you want to consolidate — or refinance — your loans with a private lender, apply directly on the lender’s website.

Should I roll my student loans into my mortgage?

Put your home at risk: Rolling your students loans into your mortgage will make your mortgage balance higher. You could pay more on your student loans: When you refinance, you’ll likely end up with a lower interest rate. However, you could end paying more on your loans over time if the payment terms are longer.

Can my student loans be forgiven if I consolidate?

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Keep in mind, however, that consolidating loans may reset any progress you’ve made toward relief like Public Service Loan Forgiveness. If you consolidate federal loans through a private service, they are not eligible for relief under the Student Loan Forgiveness Act, or for any currently available relief.

How can I consolidate my student loans with bad credit?

4 Options to Consolidate Student Loans if You Have Bad Credit

  1. Signing up for a Direct Consolidation loan.
  2. Getting someone with good credit to co-sign.
  3. Looking for a lender with more tolerant requirements.
  4. Considering refinancing with a credit union.