What do you do when your child blames you for divorce?

What do you do when your child blames you for divorce?

Acknowledge their feelings. In fact, most kids don't really care if their parents are happy, as long as their basic needs are met. Accept your responsibility for a decision that hurt them. If you refuse to acknowledge the impact of your choice, you will just give your kids more reason to blame you.

What to do when the other parent is bad mouthing you?

Try and have a calm, cordial conversation as you ask them to stop saying mean-spirited things about you to your kids. If the person doing the badmouthing is a relative of your co-parent, you may want to start by talking to your co-parent about this first so that they are aware that this is going on as well.

How does divorce affect a child’s mental health?

Separation and divorce may increase risks for negative outcomes in physical, mental, educational and psychosocial well-being during childhood and later, as youth transition to adulthood. Most children of separated and divorced families do not have significant or diagnosable impairments.