How do I get full custody of my child in Colorado?

How do I get full custody of my child in Colorado?

Sole Custody Does Not Exist Under Colorado Law Except in cases involving domestic abuse or other extenuating circumstances, the law is designed to keep both parents involved in the child’s upbringing.

What are my rights as a father in Colorado?

Under Colorado law, fathers enjoy equal rights and opportunities to the raising of their children. So long as the court determines that it is in the children’s best interests, fathers may enjoy equal or even greater parenting time that the mother.

Who has custody of a child when the parents are not married in Colorado?

An unmarried father has no legal rights to custody or visitation of the child. There is no presumption of paternity. Unwed fathers are not, by default, assumed to be biologically related to their children. Unwed fathers must take steps in order to establish paternity.

What is a child called when the parents aren’t married?

An illegitimate child, born in a relationship between two persons that are not married (ie. not in wedlock) or who are not married at the time of the child’s birth. Related Terms: Born Out of Wedlock, Child of the Marriage, Ex-nuptial Child, Illegitimate Child, Legitimate Child.

Who has custody of a child if parents aren’t married?

As a rule, unmarried mothers are granted primary right to custody of their children. This means she has complete authority to make any major and minor decisions regarding her child’s welfare. A mother with legal and physical custody is responsible for decisions regarding: Home residence.