How do you modify child support in Colorado?

How do you modify child support in Colorado?

The only way to modify a child support order in Colorado is to undergo a specific legal process and receive official approval from a judge. A judge will only give this approval if the petitioning spouse has a valid reason for the modification.

Should I get a lawyer for child support modification?

Even if you and the child’s other parent have agreed upon a modification of child support on your own, you still must go before a judge before the child support order can be changed. If you want help requesting a modification, consult with a qualified child support attorney.

How do I get child support if the father is unemployed?

If you become unemployed or have some other extenuating circumstance, it is important you seek legal advice and have your child support amount modified. Only the court can change a mandated child support payment, so any modification would have to be submitted to a judge.

Can he refuse to pay child support?

By law, you must comply with a support order from a court or with a written agreement to pay support. You cannot refuse to pay child support because the other parent will not let you see your children.

What is the lowest amount of child support?

Minimum basic child support obligation is $100 per month. No provision for high income. Ability of parents to contribute to support of child and financial resources available are deviation factors. In no even may the obligor be required to pay more than an amount equal to 100% of the proven needs of the child.