How do you show multiple marriages in a genogram?

How do you show multiple marriages in a genogram?

Select the Husband and use the New Mate button or the Family Wizard button.Select the Husband. Husband with 2 wives. A Husband with Multiple Spouses. A Woman with Multiple Husbands. Sample of an Extended Family Tree. Multiple Marriages for Both Parents.

What is a three generation genogram?

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The University of Barcelona’s psychology department defines genogram as, a graphic representation (in the form of a family tree) of the basic information of at least three generations of a family. It includes information on the family structure, the demographic data of the members, and their relationships.

What is included in a genogram?

Introduction to the Genogram. A genogram (pronounced: jen-uh-gram) is a graphic representation of a family tree that displays detailed data on relationships among individuals. First, they contain basic data found in family trees such as the name, gender, date of birth, and date of death of each individual.

What are 3 generations in a family?

Three Generation Families are families represent by a grandparent, a parent, then a grandchild. Aunts, uncles, and cousins do not fall into this realm.