How does mental illness affect divorce?

How does mental illness affect divorce?

In addition to child custody, a spouse’s mental health condition can impact the financial outcome of a divorce. When your spouse is unable to work or unable to support themselves with a full-time position because of their mental illness, they may seek a greater portion of marital assets as well as alimony.

What do I do if my husband is mentally ill?

Recognize the process of divorcing a mentally ill spouse will take time. Consider how to help your spouse to be self-sufficient. Create a parenting plan for your children that keeps your spouse involved in a way that is safe and feasible. Don’t hold your spouse’s condition against him/her to penalize him/her.

Does infidelity matter in a divorce?

If you’re unhappy in your marriage, then that is grounds enough for divorce. You don’t need to prove your spouse’s infidelity to end the marriage. With the advent of “no-fault” divorce, adultery no longer has a major impact on the outcome of your divorce.