How is alimony determined in Minnesota?

How is alimony determined in Minnesota?

Factors for Determining Alimony the time necessary for the supported spouse to acquire sufficient education or training to find employment, and the probability of finding a job, given the spouse’s age, skills, and education. the marital standard of living. the requesting spouse’s age and physical and emotional …

What are discovery questions in a divorce?

The type of discovery include: Interrogatories—which are written questions that must be answered under oath. Requests for production of documents—asking that certain documents be provided by you or your spouse. Requests for admissions—asking that certain facts be admitted or denied.

What comes after discovery in a divorce?

Depositions are sworn testimony from an opposing party or witnesses in a divorce. Depositions often take place in an attorney’s office under oath and with a court reporter present. The reporter makes a deposition transcript after the fact.