Can you get married the same day in Connecticut?

Can you get married the same day in Connecticut?

There is no waiting period in CT. If you have your marriage license you can be married the same day. You will need to contact the town clerk’s office in the town the ceremony will take place to apply for a marriage license.

How long does it take to get marriage license in CT?

Couples are advise to apply for their license about two weeks before the ceremony. Both applicants must personally appear. Either applicant may start the application process; however, the other party must appear before the wedding to sign the application.

What is needed to get married in CT?

The fee for marriage licenses is $50.00 cash or money order. Both parties must be present in order to apply for the license. You must have either a valid passport, current motor vehicle ID issued by DMV or State ID issued by DMV, and your social security card.

Can a friend marry you in CT?

Only the people listed under “Who can perform marriages in Connecticut?” can legally marry people in Connecticut. If you would like to perform two of your friends’ wedding, or you would like to have a friend perform your wedding, please contact me.

Do you need a blood test to get married in CT?

You no longer need to have a blood test to obtain a marriage license in Connecticut.

Do you need a witness to get married in CT?

The legal age for marriage in Connecticut is 18. Both applicants must personally appear. Valid form of identification (Driver’s License, Resident ID, Passport or Birth Certificate). Connecticut does not require that there be any witnesses (although religious entities may require witnesses).

Who can marry you in Connecticut?

(a) Persons authorized to solemnize marriages in this state include (1) all judges and retired judges, either elected or appointed, including federal judges and judges of other states who may legally join persons in marriage in their jurisdictions, (2) family support magistrates, state referees and justices of the …5 de jan. de 2017

How do you elope in Connecticut?

Eloping in Connecticut is easy! How to elope in Connecticut:Decide when you’d like to get married.Decide where you’d like to get married. Call me to make arrangements.Get your marriage license.Meet where you’ll have your elopement ceremony; you’ll say “I do.”, and I’ll pronounce you married.Mais itens…