Why do people get their feelings hurt?

Why do people get their feelings hurt?

The reason we automatically feel hurt is this: We believe the other's voice to be the truth about who we are. Their idea of us and way of treating us supersedes our own beliefs about ourself. It is because we believe in what the other is saying – as if it were the truth – that we feel the pain that goes with it.

What do you call someone who gets their feelings hurt easily?

Answered April 17, 2018. Such a person might be called as a “weak heart” or “immatured” because , when this person has no strength to deal and bear with simple issues that comes his way , how will he even face these fake and real people existing on the earth !

Why is it hard for me to feel emotion?

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common causes. Severe levels of acute elevated stress or nervousness can also trigger feelings of emotional numbness. Post-traumatic stress disorder, which can be tied to depression and anxiety, can cause you to feel numb, too. Some medications can also cause numbness.