Can a 16 year old date a 21 year old in Nevada?

Can a 16 year old date a 21 year old in Nevada?

The age of consent in Nevada is 16. If a person aged 15 or younger has penetrative sex with an adult, the adult may face charges for the Nevada crime of statutory rape (called “statutory sexual seduction”) if the adult is at least four years older than the child.

Is 16 legal in Nevada?

Sixteen (16) is the legal age of consent in Nevada. Children under 16 cannot consent to penetrative sex. It is irrelevant if the child is mature. It is also irrelevant if the child initiates the sex.

Can a 17 and 21 year old date?

17: It is legal for a person to have sex with someone who is under the age of consent so long as both parties are at least 14 years old and under 21 years old. However, if the defendant is 21 years old or older and the victim is under the age of 17, then it is second degree statutory rape or statutory sodomy.

Is the age of consent in Mexico 12 years old?

Typically, Mexican states have a "primary" age of consent (which may be as low as 12), and sexual conduct with persons below that age is always illegal. The general age of consent in Mexico is 17. The ages of consent in the countries of Central America range from 14 to 18.