Can a divorced parent take child out of state?

Can a divorced parent take child out of state?

If there is some type of court action involving the children (divorce, custody, visitation, child support, etc.) that is in process, then it may be illegal for you to take the children out of state, even temporarily, without permission from the judge and/or consent of the other parent.

Who decides where a child goes to school?

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The determination of where a child should go to school is generally made by the parent who has legal custody of the child. Legal custody is different than physical custody.

Do divorced parents have to live in the same school district?

Many divorced parents don't live in close proximity to one another or the same school district. However, the farther you get away from each other, the more problematic it may be to have shared or equal placement.

Can non custodial parent check child out of school?

You cannot deny access to non-custodial parents of student records unless [there is] a specific court order.” The Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) and laws in most states give both parents equal access to a child's school records.