Can a parent keep a child from contacting the other parent?

Can a parent keep a child from contacting the other parent?

The General Rule A parent cannot stop the other parent from seeing the children, except in rare situations. This means that contact cannot be prevented, even in situations like these: A parent refuses to pay child support.

What legal rights does a non custodial parent have?

Noncustodial parents do retain some rights, however, such as the following: Being able to access the child's medical or school records; The right to pay child support payments (in accordance with both the child's best interest and the parent's income earnings in mind);

Can a deadbeat dad get visitation?

If your child's deadbeat dad suddenly files for custody and visitation, what should you do? Obviously, your position is that it's just not healthy for the child to be expected to jump right into visitation with a dad who hasn't been around, and that's a reasonable position to have.

When can I deny visitation as the custodial parent?

A parent's visitation rights may be denied or suspended if a judge determines visitation with the parent is not in the child's best interest. Examples of circumstances that often result in a temporary or permanent denial of visitation rights include: Physical harm or domestic violence. Sexual abuse.