Can anyone officiate a wedding in Wisconsin?

Can anyone officiate a wedding in Wisconsin?

The following are authorized to be officiating persons: (a) Any ordained member of the clergy of any religious denomination or society who continues to be an ordained member of the clergy.

Can a notary public officiate a wedding?

There are only three states that allow notaries to perform weddings. If you are a Florida Notary Public, Maine Notary Public, or a South Carolina Notary Public, you can solemnize a marriage or officiate at a wedding. Some Florida notaries have the paperwork necessary (and the skill / specialty) to perform marriages.

Who can legally officiate a wedding in Pennsylvania?

6. A minister, priest or rabbi of any regularly established church or congregation. (c) Marriage license needed to officiate. –No person or religious organization qualified to perform marriages shall officiate at a marriage ceremony without the parties having obtained a marriage license issued under this part.