Can I get a divorce if my spouse lives in another state?

Can I get a divorce if my spouse lives in another state?

If you and your spouse live in different states but want to divorce, it is possible to do so. Still, you need to meet the residency requirements of the state where you file for divorce. If your spouse filed for divorce first in a different state, that filing and that state's laws usually control the proceeding.

What happens if one person doesn’t want to get divorced?

The court needs to agree to grant the divorce, not the other person in the marriage. As long as the necessary financial and legal issues get resolved, the divorce can be completed with one person never agreeing to it. However, the negotiation of these issues does offer a potential block to completing the divorce.

Can I divorce my husband if he doesn’t want to?

If your husband won't cooperate with divorce, you'll need to ask questions so you can understand why he's reluctant in the first place. Because there are always reasons. To divorce your husband, you'll need to counter his objections so he will (hopefully) agree to move forward towards peacefully ending the marriage.

Can someone file for divorce in another state?

You can file for divorce in a state other than the state in which you are married, as long as you meet residency requirements. If you do not meet the residency requirements for the state in which you are attempting to file for divorce, your divorce complaint can be rejected.