Can my ex get child support from my new husband?

Can my ex get child support from my new husband?

Remarriage of Noncustodial Parent If your ex-husband remarries, your child support payments do not generally change. Your ex-husband has no legal obligation to support his new wife's children. However, if he decides to have another child with his new wife, then your child support may be impacted.

Does a new spouse affect child support in California?

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A parent's remarriage won't directly affect child support in California. The court may require the parent's new spouse to turn over W-2s and 1099 tax forms. Since California is a community property state, each spouse has joint ownership of the married couple's assets.

Does owning a house affect child support?

The general rule of thumb is anything that results in a tax benefit typically increases net income. More net income means more income available to pay child support or a lessened need for child support. Therefore, a parent who owes child support will pay more if he or she owns a house.

How does moving out of state affect child support?

If both parents have moved out of the state that issued the first child support order: If both parents have moved out of the state that issued the first child support order, the same rules used to determine where to get the first child support order are used to determine which state should decide the application for a

Do I have to pay child support if I lose custody?

In a nutshell, loss of custody does not affect the legal relationship between you and your child, only the living arrangements. And, most importantly, you maintain responsibility to support your child financially (that is, you are not excused from paying child support!).

Can a spouse’s income be included in child support?

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Generally, a new spouse's income will not be used in child support calculations. Child support is the obligation of the parents themselves. In determining the non-custodial parent's potential child support obligation to the current spouse, the court will likely take the new spouses income into account.

Do I have to pay child maintenance if I have my child half the time?

Both parents are legally responsible for the financial costs of bringing up children. If you split up, you may have to pay maintenance if you don't have day-to-day care of any children you have. The Child Maintenance Service (CMS) can arrange maintenance under the 2012 Child Maintenance Scheme.