How did Beethoven changed music?

How did Beethoven changed music?

Not only did he lead the charge into the Romantic era, but Beethoven was also the earliest composer to break the century-old rules of classical music by writing music in his own unique way. His musical experiments and symphonies changed the Sonata form drastically and he was regarded as the pioneer of a new music era.

How did Beethoven compose after he was deaf?

When his hearing was only mildly impaired, he would use ear trumpets to compose at the piano. He would also use a wooden stick between his teeth to feel the vibrations when he played. The higher frequencies are present in his later works again.

What did Beethoven eat?

He loved macaroni with butter and cheese and a soup with twelve drowned eggs. He chose fish over meat, his favourite was pollock with potatoes. He liked flat water and light Austrian wine. After a meal, he would go back to his piano and play until the wee hours.

Did Beethoven ever marry?

Personal Life For a variety of reasons that included his crippling shyness and unfortunate physical appearance, Beethoven never married or had children. He was, however, desperately in love with a married woman named Antonie Brentano.