How do you serve someone out of the country?

How do you serve someone out of the country?

You can serve a person in a foreign country by any of the methods normally used under California Code of Civil Procedure ยง415.40 to serve a person living outside the state. These methods would include personal service, substituted service, service by certified mail with a return receipt, or service by publication.

Can you serve papers to a family member?

Family members and significant others (boyfriends/girlfriends) cannot serve the documents. You can ask a neutral person to serve the documents, or you can hire the sheriff or a private process service to serve the documents for a fee.

What do you do if someone refuses to be served?

What if the person being served refuses to accept the papers? In most cases, a defendant or target does not have to formally accept service in order for it to be considered effective. If the defendant comes to the door but refuses the papers, the process server may just have to leave them at their feet and walk away.