How long does it take to divorce in Hong Kong?

How long does it take to divorce in Hong Kong?

four to six monthsGetting a divorce in Hong Kong usually takes four to six months – as long as both parties can easily agree to the terms and will not make the process complicated.

How do I get divorced in Hong Kong?

How do I get a divorce? If you are petitioning for divorce on your own account, fill in a petition form and take it personally to the Family Court Registry, M2, Wanchai Law Courts, Wanchai Tower, 12 Harbour Road, Hong Kong.

What if wife denies to give divorce?

If you properly served the divorce petition and your spouse filed an uncontested response, but won't sign off on the final divorce papers, courts in some states may allow the case to proceed as though it's uncontested. You may wait to be assigned a court appearance date.

Can one spouse stop a divorce?

One spouse cannot stop a no fault divorce. Objecting to the other spouse's request for divorce is itself an irreconcilable difference that would justify the divorce. A spouse can prevent a fault divorce, however, by convincing the court that he or she is not at fault.