How much is an annulment in the Catholic Church?

How much is an annulment in the Catholic Church?

A final decision can often take 18 months or longer. And while some people believe it is a process afforded only the rich, the council's website says the cost of an annulment normally ranges from $200 to $1,000 in fees, depending on the diocese.

Is it hard to get an annulment in the Catholic Church?

The first marriage won't be difficult to get annulled at all, because civil ceremonies are not regarded as valid. But, since all marriages are regarded as valid sacramental unions until proven otherwise, the process of annulment still has to be completed.

Do I need an annulment to get married in the Catholic Church?

Non-Catholics need an annulment before validly marrying a Catholic in the church. Catholics who receive a civil divorce are not excommunicated, and the church recognises that the divorce procedure is necessary to settle civil matters, including custody of children.