Is paramour a legal term?

Is paramour a legal term?

Paramour is a lover, especially one in an adulterous relationship. In other words an illicit lover.

What does paramour mean in legal terms?

Paramour means a parent's or guardian's partner, other than his or her spouse, who is in a care-giving role for the alleged child victim. This definition is applicable whether the paramour resides in the home, frequents the home, is a same-sex partner or is a current or ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

Who can be deposed in a divorce?

Those forensic accountants can be subject to having their depositions taken. If there is a CPA who prepared tax returns during the parties' marriage, that certified public can be deposed. In a custody case, the children under age 18 will not be deposed in most instances.

Can you be subpoenaed for a divorce case?

Subpoenas can be used by either the plaintiff or defendant in any family law proceeding, including divorces, child custody matters, and alimony disputes. Subpoenas can be served on the other parties and/or neutral third parties who may have information or evidence that is relevant to the case at hand.