Is Sheree Fletcher still married?

Is Sheree Fletcher still married?

Will Smith has opened up about his painful divorce from his first wife Sheree Fletcher. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air star, 51, and Our Journey actress Sheree, 52, were married in 1992 and divorced in 1995, and he's now called the split "the worst thing in my adult life".

Who is Terrell Fletcher married to?

Kavalya FletcherTerrell is currently an ordained Bishop and Senior Pastor for City of Hope International Church in San Diego, California and married to Kavalya Fletcher (formerly Kavalya Young).

How much is Will Smith ex wife worth?

Net Worth Of Sheree Zampino As of this year, she has a net worth of over $6 million.

Who is Trey’s mom?

Sheree ZampinoTrey Smith/MothersIf you are a Will Smith fan, you probably know who Sheree Zampino, his first wife — and mother of his oldest son, Trey — is. Smith, his current wife Jada Pinkett Smith, and Zampino have an amazing co-parenting relationship together that is the envy of blended families everywhere.