Is there a statute of limitation on a divorce decree?

Is there a statute of limitation on a divorce decree?

Thus, a person generally has seven years to file a claim to enforce a divorce judgment or court order associated with such a judgment. Generally, the statute of limitations on monetary divorce judgments begins to run when the right to payment becomes vested, or became due.

Why would a divorce case be reopened?

An application to reopen your divorce case has to allege one of the following: deceit or fraud (for example, your spouse concealed information or gave you false information about an essential fact, such as the existence or true value of an asset) a fundamental inequity or unfairness in the divorce agreement itself.

What is the statute of limitations on alimony?

The statute, ARS 25-553 states that you need to request a judgment for unpaid spousal maintenance not later than three years after the date the spousal maintenance order terminates. As long as you file within the time frame, there is no limit on how much of the unpaid support you may collect.

Can you reopen a closed child support case in Georgia?

It depends on what you mean by you closed the case. If you merely closed the case to get arrears owed, then it sounds like there is still an order in place that he is to pay. If that's the case, then yes you can still go back to the Child Support office