Is Tito El Bambino married?

Is Tito El Bambino married?

Jessica Santiagom. 2005–2009Tito El Bambino/SpouseTito married Jessica Santiago in January 2005 after a 7-year relationship; they divorced in 2009. He has a daughter, Jeinaliz Fines, from a previous relationship and a son, Gabriel Efraín Fines, with his partner Priscilla Hernández.

What happened to Tito El Bambino?

Tito "El Bambino," Puerto Rican Reggaetón Artist, Was Reportedly Robbed in Colombia. Reggaetón artist Tito "El Bambino" was reportedly robbed in Colombia. The Puerto Rican artist, who is in Cartagena de Indias filming a music video, lost his luggage, Spanish media outlet reported.

What is Tito El Bambino net worth?

Tito El Bambino Net Worth: Tito El Bambino is a Puerto Rican recording artist who has a net worth of $5 million. Tito El Bambino was born in Puerto Rico in October 1981. He became popular as a part of the musical duo Hector & Tito.

Where does Tito El Bambino live?

Puerto RicoTito El Bambino is spending his quarantine at his farm in Puerto Rico, where he's keeping healthy, creating music, and connecting with his fans through social media.