What can I do if my wife changed the locks?

What can I do if my wife changed the locks?

Changing the locks on the family home so your husband doesn't have access is not a viable solution to domestic unrest. He can call the police — and the authorities will likely inform you that unless you have a court order granting you the exclusive right to occupy the home, you must let him back in the house.

Can a spouse lock you out of your house?

No, she legally may not lock you out of your matrimonial home. Neither spouse can lock the other out of the home they shared as spouses unless and only if there is a court order requiring it (e.g., a protective order barring you from the house), or after disposition of the home is determined in the divorce.

Can I change the locks on my spouse BC?

The short answer is No. The law in BC does not automatically entitle one spouse to change the locks on the other following separation. Both parties are entitled to reside in a family home, even after separation, pending an agreement between them or a court order.