What did Louis Jourdan die of?

What did Louis Jourdan die of?

Natural causesLouis Jourdan/Cause of deathLouis Jourdan, the dashingly handsome Frenchman who starred in Gigi, Can-Can, Three Coins in the Fountain and other American movies, has died. He was 93. Jourdan's biographer, Olivier Minne, said the actor died Saturday at his home in Beverly Hills, likely of natural causes.

What year did Louis Jourdan die?

14 February 2015Louis Jourdan/Date of death

Is Louis Jordan still alive?

Deceased (1921–2015)Louis Jourdan/Living or Deceased

Did Louis Jourdan play the piano?

Jourdan played the debonair, womanising pianist with whom Joan Fontaine falls hopelessly and tragically in love. He invested the performance with a vulnerability that saved his character from being simply caddish.