What is an entry of appearance filed?

What is an entry of appearance filed?

An Entry of Appearance is a legal document that says that an attorney represents one party in a case. If a waiver of service is not signed and filed by the responding party, then the responding party must be physically served with the lawsuit by a sheriff's deputy or special process server.

What does it mean to file an appearance in court?

n. the act of a party or an attorney showing up in court. Once it is established that an attorney represents the person (by filing a notice of appearance or representation or actually appearing), the lawyer may make an appearance for the client on some matters without the client being present.

What does a notice of appearance mean?

Formal notification by a party to a court (an to parties already involved in a case) that it wishes to participate in the litigation process. Formal notification by an attorney to a court (and to other parties involved in a case) that he or she represents one or more parties to the case.

What does withdrawal of appearance mean?

Motion for permission to withdraw appearance is a motion that is filed by an attorney to withdraw himself or herself from appearing for the party before court. Example of a state statute on the subject.