What is default Judgement in a child custody case mean?

What is default Judgement in a child custody case mean?

A default judgment is a binding court order that grants the divorce and typically gives your spouse everything he or she demanded in the petition.

What is it called when the court sends the case back to a lower court instead of issuing a decision on it?

Remand: The term “remand” means “to send back” and refers to a decision by the Supreme Court to send a case back to the lower court for further action.

What happens after custody papers are served?

The right course of action after being served with custody papers is to take a moment (or two) to collect your thoughts, and then seek an attorney who handles child custody cases. Doing so is the best way of protecting your legal rights as a parent and ensuring the best possible outcome to the custody case.

What happens at a default custody hearing?

A: A default hearing usually means that the responding party or Defendant has failed to file an answer to the moving party's complaint. In a custody case, the above procedure is followed but the defaulting party is still given the opportunity to be heard at a hearing.