What is the statute of limitations on a divorce decree?

What is the statute of limitations on a divorce decree?

Thus, a person generally has seven years to file a claim to enforce a divorce judgment or court order associated with such a judgment.

Why do I need my divorce decree to get remarried?

The terms of a divorce are considered final once the decree has been signed by the judge, so if a party desires modifications to the agreement later, such as a change in child visitation, the terms must be approved by the court to be enforceable.

How long after a divorce can you file for alimony?

It depends upon what your divorce agreement (or order) says. Generally, you aren't going to be able to obtain spousal support two years after the divorce is granted, but it may be possible.

Can a marriage be saved after divorce is filed?

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, filing for divorce can actually improve relationships once left for dead or on life-support. Your family law attorney must follow their client's lead – not the other way around. Sometimes, this means putting the brakes on a divorce — and taking a lesser legal fee in the end.