What is void and voidable marriage?

What is void and voidable marriage?

A void marriage is a marriage that is unlawful or invalid under the laws of the jurisdiction where it is entered. A void marriage is "one that is void and invalid from its beginning. Such a marriage is voidable, meaning that it is subject to cancellation through annulment if contested in court.

What is a void marriage under Hindu law?

When Marriage Void under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, A marriage becomes void, if any of the conditions related to Section 5(1), 5(4), 5(5) of HMA is contravened. These conditions hereto are: The Parties To the Marriage Fall within The Degrees Of Prohibited Relationship. The Parties Are Sapindas Of each Other.

How can we make marriage null and void in India?

Any party to the marriage can file an application for the annulment for declaration of the marriage as null and void. However, this is just a procedure to be brought on record before the court and is done as the precaution so that in future, no question of void marriage can be called.