Is a divorce in Dominican Republic valid in the US?

Is a divorce in Dominican Republic valid in the US?

Recently, a number of U. S. citizens have inquired about the process by which they can obtain a valid divorce in the Dominican Republic. A special divorce law for nonresident foreigner (passed in 1971) provides that the only permissible grounds for divorce of non-resident foreigners is mutual consent.

How do I get divorced if I got married in China?

If the couple got married in China and at least one spouse is Chinese (ie. mixed couple), there's an 'express' procedure that might be available, where you don't even go to a court; you can register the divorce with the marriage registration office, and get a divorce certificate instead of a court divorce judgement.

Do I have to get divorce in the same state I got married?

In theory, you and your spouse may divorce in either state in which one of you resides. The majority of states require that a spouse reside in the state before filing for divorce in that state. Proof of residency may be required, and some states require six months of residency, while others require a year.

Why do I need my divorce decree to get remarried?

A divorce decree is a formal legal document issued by the divorce court that terminates a marriage. The decree is proof that a divorce has been finalized. A person may not legally marry again unless he or she can show proof that any previous marriages are legally terminated.