What does a divorce papers look like?

What does a divorce papers look like?

The following sample is a generic copy of a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage which is commonly as “divorce papers.” This is the court pleading that starts a divorce in the legal system, and this is the document that is served upon the other spouse by a deputy sheriff or other lawful process server.

What do divorce papers include?

Divorce papers include important information that should be drawn carefully. Divorce papers may include information about child support, custody arrangements, property settlement and so on. The papers help many not only plan for life after divorce but also help to protect their futures.

Do I have to sign the divorce decree?

If both parties are signing the Decree: The Decree of Divorce must include all of the agreements between you and your spouse. You both must sign the Decree of Divorce. If there was a hearing or trial: Everything in your proposed Decree of Divorce must match everything the judge ordered at your hearing.