What does it mean to falsify a document?

What does it mean to falsify a document?

Falsifying Documents. Falsifying documents is the act of intentionally changing or modifying information on a document with the intention of misleading a person or company.

Is deceiving someone illegal?

in English criminal law it is an offence to obtain property by deception. It is committed by deceiving, whether deliberately or recklessly, by words or conduct as to fact or law, including the person's present intentions. It is also an offence to obtain services in this way.

What is required to prove forgery?

There are several elements to the crime of forgery, and all must be proven before someone can be found guilty: A person must make, alter, use, or possess a false document. Forgery can be creating a false document from scratch, or altering an otherwise genuine document in a material way.

Is forging a signature a criminal Offence in Australia?

Under Section 144.1 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995, there is a maximum penalty of ten years in jail for making a false document. In essence, making a forged document and forging a signature are both crimes, even if you don't benefit financially from committing these offences.