What does it mean to have permanent guardianship?

What does it mean to have permanent guardianship?

Permanent guardianship is a type of relationship created between a child and an adult or a caregiver. This relationship creates a permanent family for the child. The guardian will also be responsible for making important life decisions for the child.

How long is someone your legal guardian?

Q: How long does a guardianship last? A: Once a guardianship is granted by the probate court, it remains in effect until the minor reaches the age of 18 or until a petition to terminate the guardianship is granted.

Can a guardian restrict visitation?

The guardian may move the court to restrict communication/visitation for good cause, including: issuance of a protective order; whether abuse, neglect or exploitation of the individual by the person seeking access has occurred or is likely; and any documented wishes of the individual to reject the communication/

Does guardianship cease upon death?

There are several ways that a guardianship can end. Secondly, a guardianship ends at the death of the ward. Third, a guardian of a minor child automatically ceases to be the child's guardian when the child comes of age. Finally, in some jurisdictions, a guardianship automatically ends if the ward marries.