What happens after custody papers are served?

What happens after custody papers are served?

The right course of action after being served with custody papers is to take a moment (or two) to collect your thoughts, and then seek an attorney who handles child custody cases. Doing so is the best way of protecting your legal rights as a parent and ensuring the best possible outcome to the custody case.

What happens at a motion to enforce hearing?

What Is A Motion To Enforce A Court Order Or An Order To Show Cause? This opens in a new window. At the order to show cause hearing, if the court finds the other party to be non-compliant with the court's orders, the courts can hold the non-compliant party in contempt, and issue sanctions against them.

Do I have to file an answer to a counter petition?

Yes, you should file an answer to a petition, even a counter petition. This would ensure that the court does not consider any claims to be admitted because you failed to deny them.

What happens if someone doesn’t respond to custody papers?

If you do not respond, the court may make orders about your children without taking into account your wishes. Even if you do not respond, go to the court hearing and participate in any mediation that the court orders if you want to have any input in the court's decision about custody and visitation of your children.