Are divorce attorney fees dischargeable?

Are divorce attorney fees dischargeable?

While debts to spouses, former spouses, and children incurred in a divorce are not dischargeable in bankruptcy, attorneys’ fees are not part of that exception to discharge. Divorce attorneys don’t get special privileges that would make their fees nondischargeable in bankruptcy.

Should a divorcing couple use the same attorney?

Representing both of you at the same time would be considered a conflict of interest for an attorney. While there is no situation where one divorce lawyer could represent both you and your spouse, a single attorney can help you finalize your divorce.

Can one lawyer represent both parties in a divorce in Texas?

Most often in an attempt to save money on divorce proceedings, spouses in an amicable divorce want one lawyer to represent both parties. Simply put, any lawyer that agrees to this is acting against the ethical rules that govern lawyers’ conduct in Texas. So, it is not possible for one lawyer to represent both spouses.