Can alimony be taken away?

Can alimony be taken away?

In order to convince a judge to reduce (or even terminate) alimony, the paying spouse must demonstrate a significant change in the financial circumstances of one or both spouses, such as: the involuntary loss of a job or wage reduction. an illness or disability that prevents the paying spouse from working.

How long is durational alimony in Florida?

Florida state law clearly states that the term of durational alimony cannot exceed the length of the marriage. For instance, if you got divorced after seven years, the maximum amount of time that durational alimony can be granted is seven years.

How can I prove my ex wife is cohabitating?

2. Identify the Key IndividualsInterview Neighbors. You’re on a roll now. Run a Background Check. If your former spouse has moved in somewhere (or someone has moved in with them) a background check could provide evidence that they’re sharing an address. Cohabitation Can Have Many Impacts on Child Custody and Alimony.