Can an incompetent person file for divorce?

Can an incompetent person file for divorce?

As noted in Section II, the general rule is that incompetent spouses may not file divorce actions. In most states, however, an incompetent party may file an action to annul a marriage. First, in most states, a party may not file for divorce on the grounds that he or she is mentally incompetent.

How do I divorce an inmate in Florida?

In Florida, you have to provide an address for your spouse in order to file for divorce, and you can use the address of the prison. Your spouse also has to be served divorce papers, which can be done at the prison by either the sheriff or a private process server.

Are audio recordings admissible in family court in Florida?

Illegal recording of oral communication may also include conversations that occur in person. A common example in divorce cases is recording a conversation between spouses without the other party’s consent. These types of recordings are typically not admissible in Florida divorce and child custody cases.